Atman: An Eco-Habitat in Goa


Atman is an “Eco-friendly Habitat” run with all their love by Michela and her husband. Located on the last stretch of Arambol beach (Harmal beach to locals) in North Goa (next door to the famous Surf Club), the dwelling comprises Tree huts, an Italian restaurant, a boutique and an Art gallery.

Reasons why Atman offers an extraordinary experience!

The cottages are tree huts made of wood and bamboo; lovely, quiet and very rustic. They offer no air-conditioning but are protected from the intense heat by the foliage around them and their thatched roofs. The rooms are basic with bamboo mats carpeting the floor, clean but basic linen and a bathroom where the shower water flows on to the beach sand.

The huts have sit-outs where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon of Scrabble, or an evening with your guitar, humming songs from your childhood as the gentle breeze soothes your senses! Privacy between the room and the bathroom or your sit-out from the rest of Atman is guaranteed by sheer curtains, some recycled from sarees you may remember your mother wearing in the 80s 🙂


GoaTree Hut Sit-outs
GoaRestaurant – Boutique space

And that is the USP of Atman. The whole place has been touched by human creativity, by originality, by passion and by love. And when you walk on the sandy terra firma you silently salute the imagination of those who created this magical and unpretentious space!

The food is to-die-for. Cooked with a lot of love, Michela herself oversees the kitchen and is available for quick suggestions and recommendations. During our stay we had ended up eating lunch and dinner at other places, but we made it a point to gorge on their breakfast menu. Our standard fare comprised the perfect omelettes, yoghurt, muesli, home-baked bread toasts and their incredible Cappuccino!

One evening we decided to dine at their restaurant just so we could tickle our tastes buds with their salad, pasta and dessert. We were not disappointed!

The in-house boutique stocks a wide array of really lovely clothes, each with that special Eco touch. Sarongs, sheer mulmul kurtas, handprinted, block printed, dresses…the range is very exciting though a tad overpriced.

GoaRoof top enclosure on the restaurant that overlooks the sea

Interestingly the entire space of Atman is an Art gallery of sorts. Michela, who is a painter herself, has put up stunning paintings across the living spaces.

While our trip was in what is known as the off-season in Goa, if you go when it is “peak” season, Atman offers yoga and meditation classes too.

How to Contact Atman

Their website is They are fairly prompt in replying to email queries.


At Rs 1500 a night, it wasn’t a budget place in the strictest term. But rather than pay Rs 600 for a beach shack (that are usually untidily kept), we found Atman to be an outstanding alternate that won’t make a hole in your pocket. Secondly, it is just a walk-across-a-sand-dune away from Arambol Beach (which is clean and very quiet too). More than all else, Michela’s hospitality and the absolutely authentic Italian food are huge attractions!


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