Drive Through Gavi, A Tiger Reserve

When we visited Gavi, a Tiger Reserve located in the Ranni Forest Division in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, the whole area was covered in a blanket of green after a rather successful Monsoon. Stumped by the beauty of this Reserve, we decided to capture the drive inside the forest with our hand-held camera.

The result is not perfect, but the greenery, the denseness of the forest and the magical sounds of tweeting birds (the last few seconds of the video) make this one a one-time watch!

The Background Score: 

While searching for a good background score to this movie, we chanced upon the track Folk Secrets Music Project by the Vayali Bamboo Band. Incredibly, this band only uses instruments made of bamboo! Their music is fabulously rooted in the tradition of Kerala and adds that magical touch to our post!

You can read more about them here…



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