Visit Blissful Bhutan with Us

23rd March – 02nd April (ex-Bhutan border)

It took us a while to come up with a name that will truly explain what our next trip offers to our guests.

Yes, we will help our guests cover the sights that the beautiful country has to offer – its majestic Dzongs (Fortresses), its monasteries and the hikes that lead us to these mammoth structures (Hike to Taktsang); we will experiment with Bhutanese cuisine and the chilled life – at its cafes and bars; we will visit the museums that will proffer us the opportunity to learn about their historic past, their rich heritage and the Buddhism they follow; and we will leave them with more than enough opportunity to shop!

But when we created our itinerary, we realised that we are going to offer a lot more.

Our guests will get a glimpse into Bhutanese culture (Paro Tshechu) and way of life (Homestay in Haa with a Bhutanese family). They will get to relax their limbs at a picnic on a calm and serene riverside after a hike. They will also get the opportunity to discover a hidden monastery at the end of a mild hike.

While we will endeavour to stick to timelines and timetables throughout the 10 days, we have also spaced the trip in such a way that no one ever need be in a mad rush.

Most of all, our guests will get the opportunity to ‘participate’ in the unique cultural ethos of this majestic Himalayan kingdom with insights no one else will offer, endearing them to the goodness that lingers in every nook and corner of this country.

We invite travellers willing to visit ‘Blissful Bhutan‘ to join us from 23rd of March 2015 (ex-Bhutan border) till 02nd April for an adventure like no other!

Write to us at or if you’re in India, pick your phone and call us on +91 937 1234 074. Our detailed itinerary and other details are available on request.

Blissful Bhutan


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