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Okay lets be honest… We are not a travel agency… We can’t REALLY help you if you want Ease India Travel to book transportation, hotel or transit reservations et al..(especially hotel bookings!)

Having said that, we must add, what we DO really well is give you our insights, a peek into our experiences of travelling in India and several other parts of the world where work or vacation has taken us (if you have been through the site, that must already be amply clear!)…which will help you plan your getaway/holiday better than insipid online searches and reviews…

Our experiences are intimate, unique and quite thorough, giving you the ‘feel’ of a destination, the real story, with humourous experiences and profiles of ‘real’ people thrown in for good measure.

And our photographs? Well, if they said that “a picture speaks a thousand words” we are out to prove it! Our photographs are taken with a lot of passion, with a semi-professional camera (the Sony Alpha 35) that has so far had the ability to “see” the world as we do. We are in love with faces and over a period of time you will notice that human faces form a major part of our repertoire.

We are also working on Hotel reviews, which in the future will also form a major part of our endeavour… We are beginning with two rustic resorts – one in Goa and one in Kerala.

Custom Itineraries

SO we are not travel operators, but we do have an innate ability to research a location from its cultural and geographical perspective, with a lot of impromptu activities thrown in. After almost two years of meandering, we are ready to share our experiences with you.  

We are custom creating itineraries (you would have to book your own tickets et al), adding our very own special touches to make the experience as fascinating as possible! Our first itinerary has been created for a family keen on visiting Bhutan for a 12 day trip! Want a peek? Mail us!

All in all, we’d like to say that Ease India Travel is a work in progress that is bound to get better with time. So far our destinations include Kerala, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and our astounding SAARC neighbour Bhutan. As we keep adding destinations and experiences, we assure you, Ease India Travel will become your best source of travel ‘experience’.

We’d also love to hear from you…brick-a-brats, feedback, suggestions and the like. We love receiving emails of your own experiences of travelling in India – A bus journey that made you re-consider your notions of travelling by State Transport buses or an eventful camping trip you experienced. Your experience IS ours!

We have recently been inundated with requests from travellers wishing to share their travel experiences with us. We would love to read your experiences, but are not certain that we want to post it on the site as a Guest Submission just yet. Please give us time to think about it.

And hey, if time permits (if we are able to sneak some time out of our mundane routines and take a really well deserved break), we may even venture to your prospective holiday destination and give your OUR (unique, crazy and sometimes whacky) version of the place! We love reading the emails we receive, and whats more, we love doling out advice (free of cost as of now…) based purely out of our personal experiences.

So do write in to us at easeindiatravel@gmail.com {yes, we do believe in keeping it simple :-)}

We’re waiting!

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