Writing about experiences always came easy…but taking pictures? Well, that needs a sensibility that we are still evolving!

While we are still on the prowl for good locales and shots, we never lose track of what Marc Riboud said. “Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second” and that is what we do!

Through our lens…we capture the soul and essence of a mise en scène. We call it LenSsence!


Our first post on this page covers the Dragon Kingdom shot with our Sony Alpha 35 camera. Enjoy the pictures and do leave your thoughts. Words of critique and encouragement are both welcome!

Click on the picture below to view Bhutan Glimpses!

Cherry blossoms, common sight all over Thimpu and Paro


Puducherry or the city more popularly known as Pondicherry located in the South East coast of India was a French colony for many years before its inclusion into the country. The French side of the city has retained much of the old world charm, visible in its buildings, its cobbled streets and the names of the streets (which are still in French).

The city is also famous for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. You can read more about this vibrant community here.

We shot Pondicherry through our lens over a short period (less than two days) to give you a peek into this Indian city with a French spirit!

Click on the picture below to see the Personality of Pondicherry.



We explored Kerala’s famous Mattancherry backwaters on a ferry hired through Hotel Fort House on a sultry November morning. As the sky cleared, we were able to capture the stunning beauty of the backwaters, the churches and temples that dot the landscape, the famous Chinese Fishing nets and the crisscrossing water bodies.

Boats ferrying people from one island to another are the lifelines in this part of the world and it is in wonderment we saw how innovation helped man and machine reach their destinations…

Click on the picture below to glance through the stunning beauty of the Mattancherry Backwaters.

Chinese Fishing Nets - a legacy of Portuguese  settlers from Macau!


In all our travels through the Himalayas we trekked up to and visited many monasteries – from the Dragon Kingdom Bhutan to Dharamsala – but could never capture the beauty of the interiors of a temple/monastery due to strict regulations.

At this Monastic Institute that we ‘rode’ up to on a bike (more on that soon), we were pleasantly surprised when we were told that not only could we see the temple from inside, we could also take photographs!

Which traveller in their right minds would let go off such an opportunity! 🙂

The Dorzong temple on LenSsence…

The Dorzong Monastic Institute



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