Our HOT Hideouts!

We had envisaged reviewing hotels and properties as part of this endeavour, but were usually unable to do so. Since we are strictly budget travellers, it was a near-impossibe task to find places to stay in that met our criteria of “Hideouts”. However, after many years of travelling, we have begun locating Our HOT Hideouts!

They are sassy, clean, creative, exotic and reasonable! They are usually small, quaint, family or individual-run places that offer a tourist so much more than just accommodation.


The first property we are showcasing is Atman, an Eco-Habitat in Goa which is fancy by character, but totally “budget” on your pocket! Click on the picture below to read what Atman is all about!



Unpretentious, down-to-Earth and totally rustic, thats Hotel Fort House for you!

Built and run long before Kerala became one of the hottest tourist destinations of India, this hotel is the archetype of everything Kerala – architecture, cuisine, Ayurveda and hospitality.

Click on the picture below to read our review of this fabulous property!


Backwaters from Hotel Fort House’s private jetty….


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